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These web backgrounds in jpeg (or in some cases gif) format ("seamless tiles") may be used in your web pages for free subject to the Terms of Use described near the bottom of this page. (In addition to web page backgrounds, these tiles are suitable as Windows (TM) wallpaper with the display option set to "tile").
Series 138 Collection - "Detailed Design from Hand-drawn Abstract in Dark Hues" Click HERE to download (150K) these background tiles.
Series 137 Collection - "Subtle Design in Mostly Rosey Hues" Click HERE to download (139K) these background tiles.
Series 136 Collection - "Light Patterns Derived from a Leaf" Click HERE to download (188K) these background tiles.
Series 135 Collection - "Light Variations on Grainy Pattern" Click HERE to download (101K) these background tiles.
Series 134 Collection - "A Subtle Pattern in Colorful Hues." Click HERE to download (200K) these background tiles.
Terms of Use: You may use any of the web backgrounds available for download from the Coolnotions "backgrounds", "deluxe backgrounds", and "small backgrounds" pages on your personal, commercial, or any other kind of web page if you wish. You are also free to use them in any video or slideshow, so long as no more than 20 are used in any one video or slideshow.

No payment is required. A link from your web page to would be appreciated but is optional. You are prohibited from reselling or redistributing these web backgrounds in any manner. Ted Kuik/Kuik Computer Services assume no liability for any consequential or inconsequential damages resulting from your use of any of these web backgrounds. Ted Kuik/Kuik Computer Service make no warranty as to the fitness of these web backgrounds for any particular purpose. Ted Kuik/Kuik Computer Services do not even guarantee that anybody will like them (but we think they look nice).

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