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You may use any of the clip art listed here subject to the terms of use described at the bottom of this page. Right click on a picture with your mouse to save it. Please do NOT link directly to the files. My primary tools for creating/editing these pictures were the paint program in Corel Draw and Jasc Software's Paint Shop Pro .
Decorations of Honor (Medals), Public Domain Images, Circa 1895- Part 2 - (added 12/01/2009, 20 pics)

Decorations of Honor (Medals), Public Domain Images, Circa 1895- Part 1 - (added 12/01/2009, 24 pics)

Ancient Coins, Public Domain Images, Circa 1895 - (added 01/08/2009, 36 pics)

Halloween, Pumpkins, Trick-or-treaters, Etc. - (added 10/06/2008, 8 pics)

Tools and Projects: Carpentry, Painting, Etc. - (added 05/09/2008, 11 pics)

Crowns and Coronets, Public Domain Images, Circa 1895 - (added 2/26/2008, 16 pics)

Adventure/Medieval Fantasy - (added 10/03/2007, 12 pics)

Desserts - (added 04/30/2007, 10 pics)

Birds, Public Domain Images, Circa 1895 - (added 02/14/2007, 22 pics)

Money, Cash, Currency, Etc. - (added 1/06/2007, 8 pics)

Snowmen - (added 12/05/2006, 6 pics)

More Dogs, Public Domain Images, Circa 1895 - (added 11/07/2006, 13 pics)

Dogs, Public Domain Images, Circa 1895 - (added 11/07/2006, 15 pics)

Chess and Checkers - (added 10/21/2006, 10 pics)

Pens, Pencils, Etc. - (added 9/06/2006, 11 pics)

Rabbit Photos - (added 8/05/2006, 6 pics)

Fish, Public Domain Images, Circa 1895 - (added 7/14/2006, 17 pics)

Swan (and Geese) Photos - (added 6/20/2006, 8 pics)

Fancy Directional Indicators (Compass Points) - (added 6/10/2006, 6 pics)

Goose and Gosling Photos - (added 5/23/2006, 9 pics)

Spring Flowers - (added 5/19/2006, 8 pics)

Architecture, Public Domain Images, Circa 1895 - (added 4/11/2006, 18 pics)

Cattle, Public Domain Images, Circa 1895 - (added 3/20/2006, 16 pics)

Mice - (added 2/13/2006, 3 pics)

Fancy Title Borders - (added 1/07/2006, 5 pics)

Wrapped Christmas Presents - (added 12/09/2005, 10 pics (5 basic images in two sizes each))

Happy People - (added 11/07/2005, 9 pics)

Shiny Metal Objects - (added 10/28/2005, 6 pics)

Butterflies and Moths - (added 9/19/2005, 12 pics)

Medieval Doors - (added 8/30/2005, 5 pics)

Fancy Swords - (added 8/22/2005, 6 pics)

Gems and Jewels - (added 8/16/2005, 9 pics)

Wildlife Photos - (added 7/26/2005, 6 pics)

Flower and Foliage Photos - (added 7/26/2005, 6 pics)

Birds - (added 7/18/2005, 8 pics)

Flying Fairies - (added 6/27/2005, 4 pics)

Strange Creatures - (updated 10/15/2009, 9 pics)

Dramatic Cloud Photos - (added 5/04/2005, 10 pics)

Fluffy Cloud Photos - (added 4/28/2005, 10 pics)

Summer Days - (added 4/21/2005, 3 pics)

Women in Victorian Dresses - (added 3/14/2005, 6 pics)

Cowboy Silhouttes - (added 3/10/2005, 4 pics)

Rabbits - (added 3/02/2005, 5 pics)

Silhouettes - (updated 11/13/2009, 11 pics)

Military - (added 12/01/2004, 9 pics)

People - (added 11/12/2004, 6 pics)

Flowers with faces - (added 2/09/2010, 9 pics)

Cats - (added 10/26/2004, 8 pics)

General Terms of Use: You may use any of the clip art from the numbered pages above on your personal, commercial, or any other kind of web page if you wish so long as you do not alter them, display them as part of a collection, sell them, or re-distribute them in any manner. You are also free to use them in any video or slideshow, so long as no more than 20 are used in any one video or slideshow.

No payment is required. A link from your web page to would be appreciated but is optional. Ted Kuik/Kuik Computer Services assume no liability for any consequential or inconsequential damages resulting from your use of any of these clip art images. Ted Kuik/Kuik Computer Services make no warranty as to the fitness of these clip art images for any particular purpose. Corel Draw is a trademark of Corel Corporation. Paint Shop Pro is a trademark of Jasc Software. Any other products mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies.

Special Note for "Public Domain Images" Only

In some cases I have identified the images on certain clipart pages as "Public Domain Images" and the above restrictions on altering, displaying as part of a collection, and re-distributing the images do not apply to the images on those pages. (I think it might be illegal to sell public domain images - Consult a lawer if you want a definitive answer on that.) Please note that I do claim a "compilation copyright" on the selection and arrangement of the images and on the layout and design of the related web pages.

In the cases where I have identified the images as "Public Domain Images" I believe the images to be in the public domain in the United states as of this writing, due to their U.S. copyrights having expired, but you are responsible for any use you make of them. Keep in mind that intellectual property laws are complex, can change as government bodies pass new laws, and can involve more than just copyright ("right of publicity", trademark laws, etc.). If you have questions as to what you may legally do with a particular image, you may wish to consult a lawyer. I have personally found the book The Public Domain: How to Find & Use Copyright-Free Writings, Music, Art & More by Stephen Fishman to be very helpful on the subject of copyright, public domain, and other intellectual property matters. All of the images were digitized by me (Ted Kuik) from the original source material.

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