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Terms of Use: Based on my research I believe that all of the images accessible thru the pages in the index below are now in the public domain in the United States, due to their copyrights having expired, but you are responsible for any use you make of them. Keep in mind that intellectual property laws are complex, can change as government bodies pass new laws, and can involve more than just copyright ("right of publicity", trademark laws, etc.). If you have questions as to what you may legally do with a particular image, you may wish to consult a lawyer. I have personally found the book The Public Domain: How to Find & Use Copyright-Free Writings, Music, Art & More by Stephen Fishman to be very helpful on the subject of copyright, public domain, and other intellectual property matters. All of the images were digitized by me (Ted Kuik) from the original source material cited below.
Most Recent Additions:

12/31/2010 - 48 images from Kristofer Columbus (1893, Frank E. Wright and Engber-Holmberg Publishing Co.)

Index (alphabetical by Title):

Appleton's Journal of Literature, Science, and Art (Jan. 6 thru June 29, 1872), copyright 1872 by D. Appleton and Co. (104 Images - updated 08/10/2009)

Bill Nye's Red Book by Edgar Wilson Nye, copyright 1906 by Thompson and Thomas. Drawings by J.H Smith. (59 Images - updated 8/3/2005)

A Book of Famous Myths and Legends, copyright 1901/1902 by Hall & Locke Company, Boston, U.S.A. (40 Images - updated 6/3/2010)

Classics for Children, A Third Reader (Stickney), copyright 1889 by Ginn & Company, 1898 printing. (64 Images - updated 2/12/2010)

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court by Mark Twain (Samuel L. Clemens), copyright 1889 and 1899, Samuel L. Clemens. Copyright 1917, Clara G. Gabrilowitsch. (3 Images - updated 4/27/2005)

A Devotee and a Darling by Becca Middleton Samson, copyright 1898 by David C. Cook Publishing Company. Illustrations by M. Augustus Beck. (8 Images - updated 4/27/2005)

Famous Paintings as Seen and Described by Famous Writers Edited and Translated by Esther Singleton, copyright 1902 by Dodd, Mead, and Company, copyright 1911 by P.F. Collier and Son. (17 Images - updated 7/21/2005)

Kristofer Columbus by Hans Lefnad Och Resor, copyright 1893 by Frank E. Wright and Engberg-Holmberg Publishing Co. (48 Images - updated 12/31/2010)

A History of Hand-made Lace by Mrs. Neville Jackson, copyright 1900 by Charles Scribner's Sons. (32 Images - updated 6/24/2005)

Illustrious Career and Heroic Deeds of Col. Roosevelt the Intellectual Giant by Jay Henry Mowbray, copyright 1910 by Geo W. Bertron. Photographs and illustrations by Geo. G. Rockwood, Clinedinst, and others. (89 Images - updated May 19, 2005)

The Life of Christ by Canon Farrar, D.D. , circa 1894 (56 Images - updated 5/02/2009)

Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan, Altemus edition, copyright 1890 by Henry Altemus. Illustrations by Frederick Barnard, J.D. Linton, W. Small, etc. Engraved by Dalziel Brothers. (72 Images - updated 12/09/2009)

Robin Hood and his Merry Men by Rosemary Kingston, copyright 1917 by Whitman Publishing Company (Racine, Chicago), Illustrated by Alice Carsey. (37 Images - updated 6/1/2005)

The Royal Gallery of Poetry and Art, copyright 1886 by N. D. Thompson Publishing Company (96 Images - updated 06/16/2010)

Sandman Christmas Stories by Abbie Phillips Walker, illustrated by Rhoda C. Chase, copyright 1918 by Harper and Brothers(16 Images - updated 11/23/2006)

The Ship's Company and Other Sea People by J.D. Jerrold Kelley Lieut.-Commander U.S.N., copyright 1896 by Harper and Brothers. (32 Images - updated 7/19/2006)

The Story of the Bible by Charles Foster, copyright 1873, 1877, & 1884 by Charles Foster. Drawings by F.B. Schell and others. (136 Images - updated 3/12/2010)

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