Public Domain Images from The Royal Gallery of Poetry and Art

(An illustrated Book of the Favorite Poetic Gems of the English Language, the Choicest Productions

of Authors, Living and Dead, for the Uncrowned Kings and Queens of American Homes)

copyright 1886 by N.D. Thompson Publishing Company (New York, St. Louis)

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Set 1, posted 9/27/2006, 8 images (nature, families, young lovers, raven's nest, country home)

Set 2, posted 10/09/2006, 8 images ("I am seven times one to-day.", "The Old Oaken Bucket", "Boy and Lamb", "Joys of Home", "Christmas Stockings", others)

Set 3, posted 2/01/2007, 8 images ("Stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage", "The Milking Maid", "There is a garden in her face", others)

Set 4, posted 6/26/2007, 8 images (mothers with young children, nature scenes, misc. people)

Set 5, posted 6/16/2010, 8 images ("The Lily Pond", tree groves, harvest scenes, others)

Set 6, posted 6/16/2010, 8 images (water scenes, wilderness, a deer among roses, a shepherd and his sheep, birds singing in a tree)

Set 7, posted 6/16/2010, 8 images (mountains, marshland, an owl, a quail and her chicks, others)

Set 8, posted 6/16/2010, 8 images (open country, a duck, eagles, other birds, a rainbow, a bighorn sheep, a squirrel flees)

Set 9, posted 6/16/2010, 8 images (walking in the woods, a squirrel closeup, a dying deer, a swan, a pheasant, other birds )

Set 10, posted 6/16/2010, 8 images (sheep playing, a leaping rabbit, a large antlered deer, a dog, various birds in nature including a nice thrush picture)

Set 11, posted 6/16/2010, 8 images (children at play, a young donkey and its mother, lovers strolling together by the water, birds, a rushing stream)

Set 12, posted 6/16/2010, 8 images (a herdsman rests with his cattle, a snowy scene, sparrows, children at play, a large eagle, a peaceful scene of cattle and sheep, distant mountains in winter, a walk through the forest at dusk)