Public Domain Images from Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan, Altemus edition

copyright 1890 by Henry Altemus. Illustrations by Frederick Barnard, J.D. Linton, W. Small, etc.

Engraved by Dalziel Brothers

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Set 1, posted 8/17/2005, 8 image (book cover, frontispiece, title page, others)

Set 2, posted 8/17/2005, 8 images ("Obstinate", "Pliable", "Mr. Worldly Wiseman", others)

Set 3, posted 9/14/2005, 8 images ("Three Shining Ones", ""Formalist", "Hypocrisy", "Mistrust", others)

Set 4, posted 12/01/2005, 8 images ("Timorous", "Watchful the Porter", "Journey from the City of Destruction to Mount Zion", others)

Set 5, posted 05/15/2006, 8 images ("Discontent", "Pride, Arrogancy, Self-Deceit, and Wordly-glory", "Vanity Fair", others)

Set 6, posted 06/30/2006, 8 images ("Superstition", "Pickthank", "Vain-confidence", "The Jury", "Hopeful", others)

Set 7, posted 10/26/2006, 8 images ("Giant Despair", "Ignorance", "A Man whom Seven Devils had Bound", "Then Atheist fell into a very great laughter", others)

Set 8, posted 3/14/2007, 8 images ("Christian brake out with a loud voice, 'Oh! I see him again.'", "One of the King's Trumpeters", "The Author and Mr. Sagacity", others)

Set 9, posted 12/09/2009, 8 images ("Mrs. Timorous's Neighbors", "Come, let us venture, only be wary", "The King's Trumpeter, "The Ill-favored Ones", others)